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'Sup? Kurow here.

So, I'm kinda busy right now, but like, if you leave a message, I'll get back to you when I see it!

[And here goes the beep.]
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'Sup, all you cool dudes and ladies in Johto and Kanto!

So like, the Center here in Goldenrod looks like it'll be all fixed up soon, which is totally awesome. Hopefully the other ones've come along just as well. Soon as it's done, I'm thinkin' of heading out and getting those last two badges over here. Maybe heading over to Kanto after that, depends what I'm feeling like.

[insert flute twirl here]

In the mean time, though, anyone got any suggestions for cool Pokémon to go catch? No particular types in mind, mostly just lookin' to expand my team.
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[So the resident moonkid apparently has porcelain white skin now. He doesn't seem all that self-conscious about it, though. Even if he's wrapped himself up in his scarf more than he usually would this time of year. ...And are those sparkles?]

So like, this widespread illness thing came at the worst time ever, y'know? I just got into Olivine a few days ago, and went to challenge the gym, but they were all, sorry, there's an illness going around, we're not accepting challenges for a while. And like, that's cool and all, they're worried about the Pokémon, I totally get it, but it's gettin' harder and harder to just sit around and wait. [Even with constant chills for the last several days.]

...Or at least, it had been. Think I found something to pass the time, though. Check this out.

[He pulls out his flute and twirls it a bit before playing a few notes. Immediately, a chilly wind blows and it starts lightly snowing within about a ten-foot radius. (Kurow used Powder Snow!) Maybe that's where the sparkling was coming from? Tiny, ambient ice crystals.]

Cool, huh~ Instant snow! Not even Dude could pull that one off!

[even if the history scrolls had said that Amaterasu could, but details]
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Hey Yui! I visited the music store in Goldenrod today! Like, you've gotta see it! They've got a huge selection of instruments! A whole wall covered in guitars! It's awesome.

And check this out!

[Kurow pulls out... a flute. A nice, wooden flute, good quality, and an actual flute, not one of those cheap recorders you give to elementary school kids. Freshly purchased, by the looks of it.

And it's got a nice tone, too, as demonstrated when he plays a verse of this.]

It ain't my old one, but it's a pretty sweet instrument, right?

[With practiced grace, he twirls the flute in his hand like a baton.]

Oh yeah, I've missed this. So, any other musicians out there? We should totally form a band or something.
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Dude, it is so totally sweet that they've got a Center down here!

[Yeah, you know that Pokémon Center that's right by the entrance to Union Cave? A certain moonkid is there tonight. Holding onto a Wooper whose expression makes it clear that he is... not all there in the head.

"Woo pa~ah..."]

Like, it's such a great spot for it. Travelin' for almost a week leaves a dude tired, y'know? But since this is here, we can all rest here for the night and set out for that cave nice and fresh tomorrow!

Not that Girl and me and the rest can't handle a little cave, of course. But being well-prepared beforehand never hurt!
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[The video opens to a certain moonkid (with an Emolga on his head and a Growlithe at his side) holding up a shiny piece of metal in the shape of wings. Guess someone fought a gym battle and won - he looks pretty proud of himself, too.]

Guess who totally beat Falkner today! You should've seen it - Girl was awesome in there! And the squirrel dude sittin' on my head wasn't half bad either. The others helped out too, of course.



Those two seem pretty proud of themselves too.]

So like, the next one's in Azalea Town, right? Whoever leads it is definitely no match for us!
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[Hi, network. Tonight, courtesy of the resident moonkid, you get a video feed of the night sky, where a tiny sliver of a waxing crescent moon is hardly enough to obscure a large amount of stars. ...Well, okay, there's some light pollution, Violet City is a city after all. But there's still an impressive amount of stars. It probably helps that this is from the roof of Violet Inn and therefore pretty dark.]

The stars are, like, really different here, from back in Nippon. Normally I'd be able to find at least a couple of the brush gods' constellations, you know? But none of these even resemble 'em.

[There's a brief pause, as though he's considering something, but when Kurow speaks again, he's cheerful.]

But that's okay! We'll just have to make up new constellations! Ain't that right, Girl?

["Lithe!" His Growlithe, who he's curled up with, seems to agree with that attitude.

And then the video shows Kurow's hand, tracing a few of the stars in the sky.]

Like, see those there? They look kinda like a rabbit if you trace 'em like that, right?
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So, like, all you dudes and ladies on the network. Got a question for you.

[It's that kinda new blond kid. ...With a flying squirrel on his head. It's about as big as his head, really, and hugging it like it's pretending to be a hat or something.]

So, I got this egg, and it hatched, right? Into the really super-cool dude currently sittin' on my head.

["Mol!" Apparently the squirrel is taking that as a compliment.]

But, like, are squirrels supposed to come out of eggs? I thought it was just birds that did that.
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[This afternoon, Johto/Kanto, you are being treated to yet another video of Route 29’s vicinity, where there is this blond kid who’s wearing an outfit that’s definitely not suited for winter weather, aside from arguably the scarf. But aside from how he’s got it wrapped a little closer around himself than you usually wear that kind of scarf, he isn’t showing much minding of the cold.

This could be partially due to the fact that he is kind of sitting on a Growlithe, as though posed to ride it. Which, given his rather small height compared to your average adult, is evidently possible. Said Growlithe doesn’t seem to mind it, though.]

‘Sup? The name’s Kurow, and this girl and me, looks like we’re gonna be taking on that Gym Challenge. Should be a good time, am I right?

[“Growl!” The Growlithe barks affirmatively.]

Thought so! So like, since this looks like it’s connected to some kinda network, anyone got any tips before we set out? Like, anywhere we can find more food? Dunno how long it’ll be to the next town, but the stuff in the bag is totally nowhere near enough for both of us for more than a couple meals, and that’s if you stretch it.
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Have any comments on how I'm playing Kurow? Please, feel free to tell me here. I'd really appreciate the feedback, especially how I can improve.

Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened. Because they're screened here, if you'd like to stay anonymous but still carry out a conversation with me, you can use my general contact post (which I swear I will make a DW version of soon), where comments aren't screened, but anonymous commenting is still on, and IP logging is still off.
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Because I know that there are a lot of things about Kurow that canon is a little bit ambiguous about and that lots of people have differing opinions of, and because I've... actually developed quite a bit of headcanon for Kurow in those areas (it happens when you play him at an amnesia game first and then bring him to Pokémon land), despite how a lot of it doesn't directly affect how I play him really, I figure it's probably a good idea to actually write some of this down so that people know where I'm coming from. If you have any questions, comments, disagreements, etc with what I've put here, feel free to comment and I would be happy to discuss my reasoning. And heck, I might even change my mind if you're convincing enough!

Naturally, this post will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS for the ending of Okamiden. You know, the ones I tried to avoid putting down in the application.

...Also, this is under construction still, so. If it seems incomplete, that's because it is!

Last chance to look away. )